December – Mother Lyrics [English, Romanization]

December – Mother Lyrics [English, Romanization]

Mother Lyrics English

We didn’t know how precious
The love beside us was
You called crying
Saying you miss me
I hung up saying I was busy
I didn’t know that was the
Last words in this world

You left leaving only the hurt memories
After you left, only
Staggering days are left
Those days, even the
Memories of crying and laughing were beautiful
I know now that Only you can make me laugh

You taught me many things
And left leaving only sad memories
Without even saying a short goodbye

After you left, only
Staggering days are left
I remember that street
Those thankful times
I can’t let you go like this
But I can’t never say goodbye

That blue sky and ocean
It’s all you
I came here following the Letter that you sent

Your scent is spreading
Because of that wind
The smile on your face
The poor memories
I miss the streets we walked together It’s all you

Mother Romanization

gyeo-te it-deon nu-ri sa-rang-i
eol-ma-na so-jung-han-ji mo-reu-go sa-rat-ji
ul-meo-gi-myeo jeon-hwa-ga wa-sseo
ma-ni bo-go sip-de-yo
ba-ppeu-da kkeu-neo-beo-ryeot-ji
geu-ge se-sang-e geu-ui ma-ji-mak
in-sa-il-jul mol-la-sseo
a-peun chu-eong-man nam-gi-go tteo-nat-jyo

neo tteo-na-go nae-ge-neun
bi-teul-geo-rin ha-ru-ma-ni
ul-go ut-deon gi-eong-ma-jeo
a-reum-dap-deon geu-ttae-reul
i-se-sang-e geu-dae-man
ut-ge hal su it-dan geol
i-je-ya a-ran-na bwa-yo

nae-ge ma-neun-geol ga-reu-chyeo-ju-go
jjal-beun nin-sa-do eop-si
seul-peun chu-eong-man nam-gi-go tteo-nat-jyo

neo tteo-na-go nae-ge-neun
bi-teul-geo-rin ha-ru-ma-ni
geu geo-ri-reul tteo-ol-lyeo-yo
go-ma-wot-deon geu-ttae-reul
i-reo-ke-neun geu-dae-reul
bo-nael su-ga eop-seo-yo
but I can’t never say goodbye

jeo pa-ran-ha-neul jeo ba-da
mo-du geu-dae-ran geol
geu-dae-ga bo-naen pyeon-ji-reul tta-ra
i-go-se wa-sseo-yo

jeo ba-ra-me
geu-dae-ui hyang-gi-ga heun-nal-li-ne-yo
geu-dae eol-gul geu-dae mi-so
ga-nan-haet-deon chu-eok-deul
ham-kke geot-deon geu geo-ri-ga
neo-mu-na geu-ri-wo-yo
mo-deun-ge geu-dae-im-ni-da

december-mother-lyrics (kpoply)

December midnight 30 days was released a new mini album ‘mother’. Last year, 10.01 thousand months after “Chuck” released in November. The new title song ‘mother’ is a song that contains a longing mother sent away to heaven at the end yunhyeok members battled.

He died in the last 30 days agency officials at the end of April had long battled Mother “yunhyeok. Yunhyeok felt a song born motif ideas and feelings. Chest objectionable ringing the dark lyrics and compelling voice to listen to ballads was completed, “he said.

Seongonggae December was the title song of ‘mother’ through Facebook live album released 28 days before 10 o’clock in the afternoon. That the cumulative video views exceeded 50 million people. Jeong Jun-ha will take the MC was rooting for December.

Yunhyeok members in the field had prepared a handwritten letter written to his mother. Yunhyeok is ildeon emotion during the letter chaolra could not read anymore. DK on behalf of another member yunhyeok read the letter.


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